This project features a period restoration of a stone house and commercial space that had once been the epicenter of Springtown, PA. Built in the 18th century, the historic stone structure had undergone very little preservation throughout its life and had unfortunately fallen into disrepair. The commercial spaces, built over the 19th and 20th centuries, had also been left dormant and required extensive restoration.
Having the foresight of the properties historical significance, our client acquired the property at auction and committed to restore the property using traditional techniques and technology with the aim of repurposing the original stone house as a living museum and bring function back to the commercial spaces.

The Restoration Process:
Careful consideration was given to reuse as much original material as possible. Traditional joinery, tools, and methods were used throughout the entire building. The molding restoration required the use of custom knives to retool the antique hand planes to match the existing salvaged profiles. The walls were rendered using historic lime putty and horse hair plaster. The paint colors chosen throughout the structure were based on an analysis taken from the original surfaces. Extensive masonry renovation was done to the entire structure, the bulk of which included the replacement of the cook hearth and original walls. All original hardware was restored and period pieces were refurbished where they were missing. The commercial spaces required a different construction approach.  While preserving the historic main street facade, the code dictates a complete rebuild of the structure.  A period style renovation utilizing contemporary building techniques provided new space for private businesses, including the Springtown General Store. 

LOCATION: Springtown, PA

SCOPE: Commercial, Renovation, Historic Preservation & Restoration, Custom Millwork

AWARDS: 2016 Chrysalis Award: Commercial Remodel, Qualified Remodeler 2016 Master Design Awards: Light Commercial Less than 5,000 square ft

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